Don’t have a stroke about it!

Ok, you may not realize it, but sitting up without head support is a knackering business.  I know you do it all the time, but trust me, I believe that’s why you need a good chunk of your 2000 calories a day!  Some have asked what the head feels like.  Sometimes its normal, mostly I’m aware it’s there .If I’m moving then it’s like having a bag of water in the back of your head and trying to keep it from sloshing around (though it’s a zillion times better than Friday, so by the time you read this…).  Sometimes it plain hurts: usually from midnight-2am.  But mostly I’m just aware it’s there.

Focusing still takes effort and I seem to be spending that time on my mac (god bless Steve Jobs, and Papa for the 3g dongle).  I will get to the lovely mags I’ve been brought – about time I worked out what the Cheryl Cole thing is all about.  And I’m still be in denial about all the college books I’m not reading right now!

This morning the day nurse said I’m the perfect patient J because by the time he showed up I was up and sorted by the time he came at 08.00, without help.  (You need to see the rest of the people here to understand that appears to be a miracle, for which I am truly grateful!) I was pleased, so I didn’t tell him how long it took. Though something tells me he’d think that was ok too!

Walking.  Ok people, you’re asking.  Yes, I can walk!  I mean, it’s not completely graceful, there’s no speed, and I’m not going far, but yes.  Which I understand is a miracle, but I’m aiming to be climbing stairs shortly, so….!!! I met the unit manager/physio, on Friday eve and he said, “We’ll make a plan with the physios on Monday”.  I said, “Shall I tell you when I’m going home and we’ll work back from there.”  Not only was this worth my friend Mark’s wrath, but he made me a deal.  He went and checked me out a wheelchair – a slinky, snazzy, self-propelling black number too! – and said I could have it, and go to Starbucks over the weekend – if I promised not to push it.  Deal done.  J

My treat today (yesterday was Starbucks) was Carluccios.  Snuck over at supper time and had lovely soup and salad instead of hospital issue.  T’was gorgeous!  My snazzy black wheelchair is coming in useful!

A few things particularly made me smile today, like:

  • I don’t think the cleaner really could’ve said he was doing a, “diploma in prostitution” (to which I replied, “oh, right, how interesting”… HTB taught me well!  Still haven’t worked out what he really said!)
  • The breakfast lady, who knows I don’t drink tea/coffee, offering to find me hot chocolate (amazing hot choc too… highly recommended)
  • Having one single sip of Zannah’s wine in Carluccios (skip over that bit if you’re a medic, it was one sip!), getting a headrush and Zan saying, “For goodness sake you’re an even cheaper date this week.”

p.s. I’m also dying to use the line, “ok, don’t have a stroke about it”. You have been warned… I’m biding my time.

my lovely room: please pray i get to stay here!


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