Almost There????

So the POTs came today.  Arrived first at 0930 with a bunch of questions (see bullets below) and walked in on me having a very rare, teary moment as I read a text message from Lisa Leaf (also see bullets) and I had to explain that tears because my friends are so bloody amazing are quite allowed this week!

But all good news.  Let me wear my trainers which was nice – almost human again.  Did a load of stuff before lunch including going up and down stairs (Down is weird.  Close your eyes and try it, that’s what it’s like.)  I can do it.  It’s not elegant but it is ‘safe’ so they would be happy to release me.  I know they are comparing me with 80 year olds but I can ditch the wheelchair as a necessity, so long as I’m prepared for a slightly slower pace for a little while!

I’m looking back on a whole week where everything changed from hour to hour.  On Monday morning I was fine.  By Monday afternoon I was not, by Tuesday afternoon I was well and truly out of it.  By Wednesday I could stand up.  Ish.  By Thursday I could shuffle between the bed and… um… the bed really (but it WAS shuffling all the same!).  On Friday they moved me out of the acute unit and let me use the shower.  At the weekend I was on a promise to stay put in exchange for the wheelchair, so that on Saturday I went to Starbucks.  On Sunday Zan and I snuck to Carluccios (oh my goodness their soups are the best!!) . Today I walked up a flight of stairs in my trainers.  Down is harder but I’m deemed ‘safe’ so from the POTS point of view, I’m ok to go.  Now…. Can I get the docs to work out a way to sort out my meds without me needing to be here; this is the question.  ???   Sleeping in my own bed is probably the best med I can think of right now.

Other things that made me smile so far today:

  • Power shower: the food may be rubbish but the showers are ace!
  • Lisa Leaf’s message starting, “C, you banana…”
  • The seriously happy bed-making man saying, “what are you still doing here, I thought they’d have let you out by now” (note: this isn’t the one doing the diploma in prostitution…)
  • The trainee POT saying, “I’m not asking you most of these questions, they’re rubbish” (I‘ve already answered ‘do you have meals on wheels?” a dozen times. The work canteen isn’t on wheels, to the best of my knowledge, though I’m sure Dave, Tim and Steve could make that happen if required.)
  • Male friend clarifying, post text, that his xxx’s weren’t meant to be real snogs (so sweet you thought I might be offended, and so sorry I’ve outed you: please let me get away with telling that one, cos its funny and I’ll never tell who you are!)
  • !!!JUST NOW!!! The doc coming in and saying ‘I hear you want to go home and are prepared to negotiate’ and agreeing to see if my GP could do my meds… I’m waiting to find out…!!!

p.s. While I’m sitting here waiting to find out, just a special thank you for those of you who I realize have particularly turned your lives upside down to come see me a lot: Kate, Dad, Zan, Amanda, Mon, I’m talking about you in there too.  It’s made it all ok.  And also to everyone else (if you’re reading this you are definitely in that group) for texts and everything – you’ve really kept this chick’s spirits up.  And to the one who said goodnight last night: twas the best goodnight ever.  xx


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