Hospital Kit!

I need to do a bit on kit required in here.  I have it all but I’ve been wondering what people without fab friends and a dad who knows how to work Primark do.  It doesn’t bear thinking about.

Anyway, if you reading because you’re not my friend but you know someone doing this, then know that I detest Primark but I’m breaking all my own rules this week and suggest you go there too.  You will be able to buy all the following and have change from £30:

  • 4 pairs of loose PJ bottoms,
  • 6-8 tshirts, slippers (£1.30 – see pic – seriously cannot be ethical!!!)
  • 8 undies, and bras as soon as you can manage (if you’re female, obviously), cos you have visitors to see!!!
  • While you’re there pick up their face wipes (surprisingly good)
  • Hair ties.  Lots of hair ties.

slippers from primark...

Toiletries can come from superdrug and hospital will have loads of towels, you just have to ask.  (And, dear God, what do people do when their step-mum doesn’t constantly ask for washing??)

And keep the all the plastic bags you can to hang in convenient places for bins so you don’t have to toddle round the room for them!


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