Stop Press: At Home!!!

So this morning I woke up believing I had to be in hospital until at least next Monday while they worked the two strands: stabilised my longer term meds over the course of a week and did intensive physio.  At 0930 the physio reminded me I wasn’t supposed to potter around unless I was walking to the loo (which was en suite) but she’d see if they could let me wander around from after the first physio session this morning.

Then the whirlwind miracle happened!!!

I can stand up with my eyes closed (you smile, its scary when you can’t!!) I can walk (its wobbly but its deemed ‘safe’), and I can get up stairs (its not elegant yet, but noone seems to care).  Then came the dawning realisation…..  The POTS didn’t need me to be anywhere near CN-normal, they just needed me to have the same ‘safe’ mobility as a stroked out 80 year old.  Well, I can do that already!  So they said they’d be happy to sign me out and… get this… organise POTS at home, if the medics would agree.

So then came the medics.  Dr Duncan said, ‘no,  you’re 32 and you had a stroke’. I said. ‘I’m not 32’.  He said, ‘yes you are’.  I said, ‘no, I’m not’.  He said, ‘yes you really are [reads DOB]… oh, no, you’re not are you… if you went home you’d need to come back every day for bloods and shots and dosing for stabilisation’.  I asked why my GP surgery couldn’t do that.  Dr Duncan said he’d ask them and if they would i could go.  They said no; I said I’d come back every day.  He said I couldn’t go without a bubble echo (where they test for bubbles moving across your heart) and I couldn’t have that til tomorrow but, if it came up clear, he’d let me out if I came back each day.

[Much edited story, honest:] Ten minutes later someone arrived to take me for an echo!!! I checked with cardiologist it was clear and got them to send the report back with me straight away.  Meanwhile my friends Caroline, Dave and Jayne arrived.  I got back and said hi.  Nurses came in and said they needed my sideroom and I needed to move on the ward.  I said, ok, let’s ask Dr Duncan if I can go home then.  He said no.  I said, ‘you said if I had a clear echo I could go and the report is on your desk’.  He said, grumpily (sorry, but you were!), he didn’t think i’d have a hope in hell of getting that today and he’d better go check then.  10 minutes later he comes back and says, ok you can go home.  Be back at 10am.  Transport will pick you up in time to be here by then and take you home after. He showed us the MRI scans of my brain, including the 3 strokes which are 2 obvious dots and 1 much less obvious one.  Caroline brought me home (THANK YOU CG!!!).

So here I am, typing in my own bed, on my own broadband, in silence, having eaten the biggest takeout Thai with Mark and Eleanor in my own house!  Ok, so I have to be back at 10am, but my bed is the best place in the world right now!

Going forward… in there at 10am every day til drugs stabilise in a week or so; POTs will visit me at home. Then only back for routine checks.  Visitors welcome and much loved at home, prior arrangement preferred (!), from mid-afternoon each day!

I do know – for those of you who think I don’t – this is only the first week of many to come – but seriously… less than a week ago I had 3 strokes in less than 24 hours.  But I’m walking and talking and laughing and I’m home.  I also know more than ever how glorious my friends are and how incredibly, incredibly lucky I am to have you all.  What the heck do people who don’t have you do???

I’ll keep blogging, as the journey isn’t over, but its certainly a lot more fun now.

p.s. Can I give a special thanks to Jo Stillwell for everything today?  She knows why. x

Lots of info, written for old people... they need a 30's Guide!


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