What a difference a day makes!!!

Yes, it’s early but daytime is busy and nights are long!

As those of you who’ve been practically living with me for the past week, in person and by phone/text, already know: what a difference a day makes!!!!  No midnight to 2am headache.  Horaay!!!  I’m totally crediting the prayers among you, and would love it massively if you’d keep going, including getting me out of here asap (tomorrow really isn’t too soon!) and keeping my sane-keeping solo room in the meantime.

And no, of course I didn’t sleep much this time, but lovely Eleanor will prob bring me my throw (which I bought with Wendy G in Memphis) and that will help cos it gets cold in here with the windows open at night, and one needs a window open!

I’m really looking forward to today. The Physios and Occ Therapists (we’ll just call them POTs from now on, shall we?!) are back as it’s Monday, so I actually get to do something constructive!

Still smiling about:

  • Zan helping me escape to Carluccios yesterday evening and calling me an even cheaper date than usual
  • Zan wheeling me smack into a lamppost (Tori, she soooooooo did, I giggled for ages !!!)
  • That lovely things happen every day at the moment, mostly cos of you lot!

Just a reminder that one gang of people doesn’t yet know, as Perry and Lise both away.  I’m going to see if I can take care of Lise bit via David today, but Pem not til end of honeymoon, so no facebooking, people.  Thanks lots!!


p.s. Someone asked me how I felt about the stroke… I sent them this… (apologies Nan…)



  1. Jen says:

    So glad you are getting better and you seem to be in better spirits. Go you inpirational woman you!!!!
    J xxx

  2. Kate says:

    what a good idea – LOVE the blog!
    although don’t write too much otherwise we’ll have no reason to visit 😉
    Who knew “After Stroke Party” would catch on?!
    See you soon…X

  3. Mark says:

    “pots”! Sadists more like. They are very nasty people. The take pleasure and pride in their job of inflicting pain on their victims…
    Good morning by the way and have a nice day! See you later today

  4. piclondon says:

    Mark, those POTS may be responsible for me being able to negotiate early release!!!

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