Right Brain (me), Left Brain (new)

I’m home!!!! OK, so in 2.5 hours I’m going back in for a few hours, but I’m coming back afterwards!!!

So here’s one of the oddities I’m working out now.  Its like I now have a right brain and a left brain.  The one on the right has my voice in it and I consider to be my old brain (and “me”).  The one on the left is the new brain and I don’t quite know how to make it work yet.  Sound weird?  Let me explain.  The other night I woke up from a dream where I was all wound up trying to sort out some really complicated contracts.  My right brain voice said quite clearly that it was a dream and there were no contracts and the documents were actually bedsheets, and all I had to do was snuggle up and go back to sleep.  My left brain couldn’t hear my right brain, so kept trying to work out the complicated contracts (which was impossible: they didn’t make sense because there were no contracts!!!).  So my right brain is methodically trying different things like speaking slowly and clearly, yelling, trying to take over, wondering if French might work (tho neither side knows French, but, um, I was getting desperate…!) until eventually I think, “this is too hard” and give up, leaving the left brain to be manic until its exhausted and I fall asleep.  Now, I’d like to point out before the smart comments – Moran, Wilson, Balcar, Robinsons, watch it! – that I’m not Schizophrenic and that level of issue happened one time and has not happened since!!!  But its an intro to explain why, last night, the left brain (me) was thinking, “the right one isn’t doing anything but I don’t know how to tell it to go to sleep”. So life is a bit about asking some very weird questions at the moment!

I also need to write something about why I didn’t use my private health insurance (though it came very close on two occassions).  If I don’t do that soon, someone please remind me.  Oh, that’s another thing… if you don’t like what I’m talking about when you see me, or I’ve got a bit boring, just interject with a polite remark.  As soon as I start listening to you I forget what I was saying…

It’s 6am but there are more little things making me smile today:

  • Waking up in my own bed!
  • Knowing something Kate is doing today even though she doesn’t (finally, I’m back!!!)!
  • Being told yesterday it’s bad to eat too many greens while on the meds to which I’m about to switch
  • Being told I mustn’t participate in contact sports any more (any more???!!!!! Note: I think they are sometimes surprised when I laugh, and it takes a few moments for them to realise some things really do sound ridiculous and laugh with me!)
  • Remembering my dad telling me that I keep his “second-very-best fleece”, if I want (the huge grey hoodie I’ve been using for days)
  • The right people always happening to be there at the right time with the right things (e.g. Jayne and Dave knowing about the miracle that is called Patient Transport – who knew! CG with the car)
  • Jen texting from Oz (sweetheart, you need SKYPE)


  1. Jen says:

    Poor Suzie-beth!!!!

  2. piclondon says:

    I know. I seriously owe her wine now. But she will out me back on the comments… I know it, you know it, it’s just a matter of time!

  3. Kate says:

    yes, you truly are back if you’re plotting behind my back!

    Great news that you’re at home, although we’ll have to pop back in to check out the cute doctors 😉

    what will you do with your time now you can’t do contact sports?!


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