One week ago this evening…

In the spirit of starting with a joke, this rough transcription of a text conversation made me laugh out loud this morning.  You know it’s got ok when the boys start taking the michael again:

  • NW: I cannot believe what I’ve just read on your blog.
  • Me: I know but I’m fine. Really, really.
  • NW: No, I meant about them thinking you were 32.


This time last week I had been in the Acute Stroke Unit at Hospital Number 2 for about 2 hours.  This week I am in my own house.  I’ve been up and down stairs all day (getting more elegant all the time; or less gauche, depending on how you look at it).  I went to the hospital for a few hours this morning.  I slept.  The parentals came over and stocked the fridge. And I’ve had a gorgeous Italian supper, brought and cooked in my kitchen by lovely Libby, which we enjoyed with Kate and Eleanor.  And I’m ok but, seriously, now I think about it, what a week!

Harping back to exactly 7 days ago, may I start by apologizing particularly to Kate and Mark for scaring the heeby jeebies out of them?  The story of what Kate had to put up with in the ambulance from Hospital 1 to Hospital 2 is now in the BACKSTORIES section and speaks for itself as an intro to how it was when I arrived at the acute unit.  Poor Mark then had to deal with Kate and my Dad for the next few hours, while simultaneously holding my hand. Those few hours really should be all about them cos I was utterly out of it, tucked up in bed with quite a lot of beeping going on around me, getting attention every time I moved. So thank you for being there and, um, sorry guys!

Shortly after Kate and I arrived, Mark was allowed to come join us. The only conversation I remember was simple, and went like this: // Me: Mark, we’re in a stroke unit // Mark: Yep. // Me: Do you know what that means? // Mark: Yes.  Do you? // Me: Think I should be worried? // Mark: No.  Not now.  I’m not worried now you’re here. // Me: Oh ok then. // Seriously!!! That was the sum total of me considering whether to worry or not.  The power people have to make things ok is massive… probably in everyday life too, so use it wisely!

(Note: Mark has since confessed several times that he lied to me then.  I’m quite glad he did though because I honestly didn’t worry the whole time, and I think that probably started things off well!)

Anyway, back to the serious stuff.  The lovely unit manager came to chat while I was hanging around the hospital today and said some really useful stuff.  (In context, I’d just discovered for myself that I can’t cross roads without a crossing at the moment (speed=distance/time used to be instinctive, but– temporarily – it transpires I know I can’t process how fast a car is travelling nor how fast my reactions might be.)  Anyway, he said while they are all just as astonished at the speed of recovery (thanks pray-ers) he needed to remind me that brain injury  recovery has no timescales.  Obviously I found this more confusing than working out I couldn’t cross the road!  No timescales?  Seriously? I mean I don’t want it in hours but, you know, 4/6/8/10/12-ish weeks, as a guide, would have been useful! He said, “it’s a brain injury, the physical weakness we can see are fixing fast, but the brain does its own thing, and we can’t do timescales. You have to see it like breaking your leg; you’ve just broken your brain a little bit”.  And you know what, thinking about it like that, like an injury, made it all make sense.  So much so that I know this thing must have REALLY done something to my brain cos I found myself thinking, “No timetable. Ok, I can do that.”  (Yeah… as I type, I’m also wondering how long we should give that to wear off too!)

Random stuff from today:

  • MedicAlert Bracelet: I ordered it cos of the drugs I have to be on now.  Horrified by the standard ones I thought I managed to get a cool one.  I showed my parentals online.  Independently, they both said, “it looks like a dog collar”.  Hmm.  What do you think (see pic)?
  • Friends and Blog: I just realised I’m now thinking, “ooo, I’ll blog that” whenever people make me smile.  Please don’t stop saying stuff!  Mostly I’m anonymysing/asking so hopefully you don’t mind!
  • Subscribing: Seriously? Some of you have subscribed to this so you get emails when I post something new?!!  Please remember to turn it off when it gets dull!

medic alert bracelet



  1. Nora says:

    The top bracelet looks rather ‘cool’ I think. And tell your parentals that you are supposed to wear it on your wrist and not your neck!!!! Keep posting. You’re in my prayers. Sending separate email about other business stuff.

  2. Mark says:

    for the record I did not lie. I was very clear about my answers. You asked me should you be worried. My answer was right. No you should not be worried. However that does not stop us doing the worrying. BTW loving the blog

  3. Jen says:

    Hmmmm, yes, a bit dog collar’ish! Thank goodness it stays on the wrist!

  4. sarah says:

    braclet does look like a collar and has a bit madam charley fetish thang going on!

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