Money and cheese

  • Days since neck injury = unknown
  • Days since first stroke = 11
  • Days since last stroke: 10
  • Days since I left the Acute Stroke Unit: 7
  • Days trying to switch to warfarin = 4

I have to stay on the daily Clexane injections until the warfarin does its thing and knocks my INR up from 1 to between 2 and 3.  Today is Day 4 and we’re at 1.3.  Yesterday was 1.2.  This is supposed to be sorted by Monday! When I come off the Clexane I don’t have to go to the hospital every single day any more, so I’m hoping that adding willpower to the mix will work. In reality, the blood doctor calls every afternoon with the morning’s blood results  and she put up the dose. I’m now on 9mg which meant taking one 5mg + a 3mg +a 1mg tablet.  It took me a couple of minutes to work that out, so thank the Lord I’m not ancient and can still count!

The NHS machinery is starting to work again though.  Today I got letters about a hematology appointment next week, and to say I’m now on the waiting list for the physio’s visiting the house.  If they don’t come pretty soon there might not be anything left for them to do!  I’m still waiting for the one for the all-important stroke clinic.  The deal is that’s the one where they have to talk to me about potential timescales on all sorts of things; something they are reluctant to do, ever.  And if you think  the focus my life has suddenly become a strange mix of friends visiting, walking upright without falling over, sleeping, and cutting deals, you would be utterly right.  Welcome to the brilliant NHS.

I know at some point soon, I’m going to be really bored with the recouperation/rehabilitation thing.  I sleep quite a lot.  I have lovely visitors (do keep coming!) and the television is ok now – though I much prefer choosing something from my iplayer favourites to mindless channel surfing.  I considered a film today but couldn’t be bothered.  Flicking through magazines is ok, though I can’t be bothered to read the articles.  My text books loom large and untouched in two weeks.  I can type, but other than the blog and some emails, well, devising a plot might take somewhat longer than usual.  So suggestions on what to do with a slightly slower than usual brain that comes with a tired left arm are very welcome.  Though should anyone be considering suggesting knitting, please don’t. It’s not gonna be that bad.

And finally.  My most fun visitor today was Mia Eyre, who belongs to Jan, Jamie and Josie.  I think Mia is 3 and she told me today, quite spontaneously, that what she likes best in the world is, money and cheese”.  Mmmm, I’m with her on the cheese. I think she’s got a fantastic future in front of her!


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