Fish sandwiches and work

Hmm.  Craving fish sandwiches for breakfast.  Well, that’s new!!!  I guess they’re supposed to be brain food?!  Though, it’s also the first day I’ve slept right to the alarm and wondered f I can be bothered to get up.  I have to though; due at the hospital in an hour and fifteen.  Good job really or I might’ve just stayed in bed today.

Overnight I’ve been particularly appreciating how lucky I am with where I work right now.  (I’d mention it by name but locations etc. are being deliberately withheld, as this is an open blog.)  Not only did the amazing Kate come from work, as well as a fair number of my friends, but there are other things that I have the luxury of not having to worry about, simply because my work does sick leave.  Being paid, for example.  Some people work in places where, if they don’t show for a shift, they don’t get paid.  I can’t imagine what that kind of stress would do to me right now and, as I keep saying, I got off lightly.  Having a job to go back to: the sheer luxury to know they aren’t going to fire me if I’m away for a few weeks.  I started thinking about all those people who start all of this rehab stuff also wondering how they are going to pay next week’s mortgage/rent and buy food.  Just thinking about it is pretty much unbearable. So, in case I forget to say it later: thanks to work.  Really.  I’m very grateful.

yum yum



  1. Michelle Wilson says:

    I have been mainly eating chocolate for breakfast – figure there have to be some advantages to being an adult and being able to eat what you want when you want…..

    • Char says:

      Very weird: my brother had a fish sandwich for breakfast too. Something neither of us have ever done before, but both had craving… Truly weird!

  2. Char says:

    Shellers, why don’t YOU have a blog?! Would make so much sense…!

  3. Kate says:

    whaaaat? they’re supposed to pay us for working here?! hmmm – must have a word with the boss 😉

  4. Patricia says:

    Fish sandwiches and chocolate for breakfast oh my goodness! You’re not supposed to worry about anything – easier said than done I know from experience. Needless to say you’ve been riveted today by the royal engagement wall-to-wall coverage. You’ll be back at your desk in good time to worry about the planning for the wedding!

    • Char says:

      :-) I heard about the wedding on the radio. (I don’t tend to put the TV on now). I’m v excited actually. A nice wedding is what we all need!

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