The deadness of the weekend

The deadness of the weekend is… well, it just is.  For everyone else it’s the weekend; but here it’s just another two days of going to the hospital in the morning and so on.  Kate popped in which was a very nice surprise.  My brother came over so we walked round the corner to the pub and had duck eggs and ham hock for supper: my second outing and my first proper meal out.  Was really nice, honestly, but is getting really old really fast.  I guess things are easier in the week when everyone else is on a routine too.  Still, I bought the paper today, and I’m going to read it…. (Why can’t I find a yawn icon????!)

Obviously there is simply nothing new today.  Which is very dull.  Thank goodness for Claudia,  Jens and Charlotte otherwise I think I’d be deciding it was already time to consider a proper outing,  just to see what happens.  I mean, the drugs mean no more strokes so what’s the worst that could be?

I’m looking forward to seeing Rose tomorrow, and there’s talk of me and Claudia visiting M&S and H&M on the High Street on Monday.  Dear God, I think I’m looking forward to 30 minutes in M&S and H&M.  I don’t even like shopping.  Me thinks something will have to be done about this, and fast!  Answers on a postcard to…….

answers on a postcard


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