Newsflash: no hospital tomorrow!!!

Newsflash: So, the hospital forgot to call me back today, (“oh sorry, its because its Sunday”) but my INR REACHED 2, which is in my range (2-3).

This means I don’t have to go to hospital tomorrow for jabs and bloods. I am officially a free agent until Tuesday morning when they want my blood again.

And if its still ok then there will be no more jabs, and i can ditch those i currently carry around in pre-filled syringes, and I won’t have to go back again until my first hematology clinic on Thursday afternoon!   I’m on a higher dose of warfarin than they’d like (um, double, actually), but apparently everyone is different so its still ok. (And I type I recall that the bag of fruit and nuts I finished up yesterday probably contained utterly banned cranberries, but ho hum, maybe they helped…?!)

This is particularly good news as my veins have pretty much given up on having blood removed from them.  I think they shrink in protest every time they see something coming for them.  There are now rules in place to maximise potential: nurses not doctors, butterflies not big needles, left arm not right, and so on.  But it still took two goes today, and the nurse who did the first one refused to do the second go and brought the supervisor round instead.  The ugly bruises now scare the newbies that they are going to hurt me.  All this was getting dull and, seeing as I can’t blame said veins for wanting to recover from being stuck every 4 hours for 10 days, I hope the drugs continue to do their thing and we can stop doing this quite so often.  There was a funny moment though: the charge nurse came round to see what was going on and said, looking at my bruises, “oh, needles aren’t supposed to bruise you”. I believe my response was, “right, that’s good to know”.  Seriously….??!!  I don’t think he got why I was smiling.

fresh (today's) v older (day before yesterday)... nice...!

I’m also loving that as soon as I blog an issue I seem to find a way around it. Either that or your praying is still uber efficient.  I was feeling a tad trapped this morning, as you may have been able to tell.  When I left the hospital today though, I noticed that the bus across the street goes all the way to Peter Jones.  This is amusing for those in the know because I have always not-so-quietly wondered if those who treat Peter Jones like Mecca are slightly odd.  I take it all back… for today anyway.  I ducked my usual cab and got on the bus (hehe, I know, stop freaking, it was 5 minutes in a straight line; it was fine!).  First stop was JL’s brasserie for some toast (white bread, lots of cold butter, oh my goodness I’d never dream of eating rubbish like that that any other time but it was good!!!).  Then to haberdashery for ribbon.  (Yeah, I’d like to tell you I’m joking but I lived with Perry-May for 3 years: ribbon is like an essential food group in our house.). Then home.  By tube.  Which took about 10 minutes ,which was far quicker than a black cab, even if I had forgotten quite how many stairs there are in a tube station.  I was liberated.  By Peter Jones.  No, seriously, I didn’t see that one coming two weeks ago either!

I got two brilliant presents today, and the visuals are so good I just had to post.  The flowers look like porcelain and the sweets just made me laugh out loud!

roses from Rose

squirting skulls

I also got a lovely email today from a stateside friend who reminded me of a horrible, horrible, horrible accident that his daughter had which took some time to recover from.  He reminded me tiredness was an ongoing problem for sometime and encouraged the wheelchair.  It’s not really what I want to hear as I’m hoping its not an issue for me: as each day things get better.  But its so completely useful to be reminded, in that gentle HB way, that something that were not normal a couple of weeks ago might become normal for a while. I’m hearing you, and I’m bearing it all in mind.


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