I don’t do shopping!

I don’t do shopping.  I’m the girl who has three shops from which, almost without exception, everything I own comes. Seriously.  And I don’t like shoes.  To the extent that it has been suggested, more than once, that I emigrate to NZ.  Using the same places  makes life easy.  The clothes fit me. They don’t cost the earth.  They go in the washing machine without falling apart in the first month.  What’s not to like?  We made a detour today though…

Claudia is staying but, between husbands and children and visitors, we haven’t actually had any time to catch up properly.  Then the hospital gave me the morning off today so we made a plan.  Cab to the High Street; breakfast at a café, and then my three shops.  The shopping list was small: one pair of flat black boots (mine all have heels, which aren’t quite so practical this week!) and a warm coat (normally I run around in a body warmer thing; a slower pace means one suddenly notices its cold outside!).  During planning, I started referring to it as the invalid clothing run, but no one else seemed to think it was funny, so I stopped.  It didn’t take long.  We got the coat in Espirit (one of the three) but the boots were proving elusive until Claudia persuaded me to make the trip to Ecco.  Now, my impression of that shop is ugly and expensive – sorry – and it was half a block down which, these days, I consider in terms of impact on the rest of the day (e.g. if it’s a choice between that or Ben’s Cookies, then the cookie shop will win…).  But she was sooo right.  One coat, one merino cardy from the sale (Gap) and pair of really nice and not-that-expensive fur lined boots in under an hour and everyone’s happy.  Who knew that having a minimal shopping routine was going to prove so useful?!

There is one more thing making me smile today.  My little black jeans, which I use almost as leggings, are now loose.  Three small strokes = -6lb.  Weightwatchers was never this efficient!  Thanks for all the chocolate and lovely biscuits and cupcakes. I’m now wondering how to make sure I don’t eat them all, since I’d like to keep this particular silver lining in play.  So please come over and have some chocolate: I have some really, really nice things to share!  And please, someone stop me noticing other people’s blogs, because these look so good I’m trying to decide if I could do them (raspberry cheesecake bars) and call it hand-eye physio…



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  1. Sod the other blogs — you’re writing is excellent and improving with each post! Hang in there!

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