Focus, blood and warfarin

So, as well as visitors, five especially lovely things happened today.  (1) I got the biggest parcel of flowers ever – thanks CT; (2) Mark and Roly sent me an ipad to borrow so I don’t have to carry my beloved macbook up and downstairs, (3) a friend who needed to sort out leaving his job and returning to the UK did so today and returns in March, (4) Dad worked out what was wrong with the washing machine (rogue programme set) which is now resolved.  (5) Mark only gave me 4 lectures, which is much improved on the norm (hehe, just added that to wind you up! ) It was a good day.

In other news, apparently, I can focus on people better than I could late last week.  No, I didn’t know I couldn’t do that either, but it seems people don’t tell me things until after they’ve passed.  To discover this is highly frustrating. Who knows what they’ll tell me about this week when its next week.

Some of you have asked about (a) my bloods and (b) warfarin info, so:

  • blood: INR is at 2.8 today so they’ve downed the warfarin dose to 5mg and everyone’s happy.  So no more bloods until Thursday.  Then they want some in the morning and some in the afternoon.  Vampires. All I can say is good luck to them.  Today they took three goes to get some, ended up with the smallest possible butterfly needle, and even then I didn’t give up quite enough so we had to get creative to get the amount left in the butterfly tube into the vial. There is one decent vein in my left hand that they refused to use.  I asked why but didn’t like the answer (“I’m leaving you one good one untouched in case you need a new line”.  Hmmm. I think not.).  Anyway, if they think they can get it, twice in a day, go for it. In the meantime, I’m sporting a rather nice bruise collection if anyone has any they’ d like to compare.

blue butterfly

  • wafarin: I don’t know all the info yet.  It is true that no one official has told me what the real deal is with it.  By the time I got it, I’d been through a whole gamut of heparin IVs, fluids, clexane jabs, and god knows what else, and no one asked if I was ok with any of it. Remember, I wasn’t in any position to mind anyway.  I think I signed for the first MRI but I’m not sure why since I’d already had a CT, x-rays and the first venflon in my arm and not signed anything at all.  But couple of people strongly hinted I should find out about the warfarin so, obviously, I googled.  Anyway, the point of telling you this is that today I read that, should I ever get pregnant now – which one shouldn’t do while on warfarin because your child will bleed to death (nope, they haven’t told me this either… seriously!!!!!!) – they’d likely say I’d to have an epidural from the outset or plan an elective c-section so as not to increase the risk of this happening again.  I’m not planning any of this in the next few months, but I’m starting to get the hint that there may be ramifications from this for a long time.  From a teeny-tiny tear in my neck.  Which are apparently – though mine wasn’t – most often caused by hairdressers sinks, neck massages or giving birth.  You have been warned!!!

warfarin... mix n match dosage packs



  1. Claudia says:

    It’s just been two days since our brilliant shopping trip, I could do it again right now! I am glad I read your blog first, I was about to send a text asking about your blood results:-). INR of 2.8 without cranberries – seems the wafarin effect is kicking in. On the other hand: giving blood twice on Thursday does not sound like the most fun thing ever:-(. Reading your blog I also realized that I or J could have checked the washing machine while we were there. I dreamt about being back in London for good last night. All the best! Cxxx

  2. Quite a lot to digest — but it sounds like your cognitive digestion is also improving! Prayers of thanksgiving and encouragement!

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