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As you know, I started a blog to stop having the same phone conversation many times a day during those first days even when ‘slide to answer’, let alone another conversation, was a problem.  It also helped me stay sane during the wee hours in Hospital Number 3. I’ve sent the link to quite a few friends, but I’ve not gone ‘public’ While I know strangers could see this, I’m under no illusion that they’d bother, so my question is… who are the 100-odd people hitting this every day?  Hit comment, please, and let me know with whom I’m speaking!

After a welcome day off yesterday, the routine starts again today.  Hospital for 10am this morning.  Am hoping the NRI is still at 2 so we can properly stop with the every-day hospital visits.  Let’s see, shall we.

I’m also thinking I probably need to talk to my GP soon.  I’m stuck for what to say though: “Hi, did you get letters from a bunch of hospitals about an anomaly?  Great, that’s me, nice to meet you” seems a waste of time right now.  Plus, I might brain another doctor who asks me what happened and does the whole touch-my-finger-now-touch-your-nose* routine.  T’was so long ago now I barely remember**… though if I actually said that, they’d probably come up with a whole new set off tests I can’t be bothered with.

* The neuro test that foiled me for days was the one where they say “touch my finger with my index finger, then touch you nose“.  I could do it with my right hand, but the left would miss by, um, miles. (Yep, Tori, when Zannah saw this on about Day 5, she laughed a lot, and kept asking me to do it again…!!!)  Eventually I could do it if I thought about it harder en route, but just as they were saying “oh good” my favourite OT said, “yeah, right, you’re thinking about that really hard” and then moved his finger after each go. Yeah, ok, thanks for that!!!  (Note: I can do this now.  Left a tad slower than the normal right, but you wouldn’t notice!).  Oh, and if we are on this, I couldn’t stand up with my eyes closed until Day 7, and I still can’t do pigeon steps, but neither can one of my friends – who I shan’t out.  And they demo’d their lack of skill and were still allowed home when I wasn’t. Oh, the injustice!

** Reminds me that when I was inside, I learned the medics/POTs would tell me their name when they arrived and then ask me what it was 5 minutes later.  Well, there were so many of them that one doesn’t really take any notice of names after a while, so I got into the habit, if I couldn’t remember, of waiting about 4 minutes and looking for a name badge and, if I couldn’t see it, saying, “sorry, what was your name again?“.  Scuppered! (See why they let me out?!!!)

And Claudia, Jens and Charlotte leave to go back to Germany today. :-( So this week is particularly good for visits!

touch my finger, touch your nose



  1. glenn ritter says:

    I am your uncle from America. Husband of Norma, father of Dan, Abby and Chana, grandfather to Zach, Chava, Ephraim, Ami, Jonah and Rachel.

    And I’m sure we all wish you a full and fast recovery.

    Love and hugs from upstate New York.

  2. Steve G says:

    Hi. I’m a subscriber (easier than checking back several times a day).

    Steve G.

  3. Stephen says:

    I am just another uncle, Hilary and I read your blog most days.
    Get well soon.

    Love and all good things from Bucks

  4. Laura Hardin says:

    I’m an HTB friend!

  5. I am your aunt, your mother’s sister, wife to Glenn (see above), mother of Dan, Abby and Chana, grandmother of Chava, Ephraim, Ami, Jonah and Rachel, all of whom send their love and good wishes for a speedy and complete recovery.

  6. Dan says:

    Daniel James Wimpress, formerly of 5 Corrance Road, tall, dark and handsome

  7. Elizabeth Lear says:

    Elizabeth, wife of your cousin Dan Ritter.

    I hope you’re much better soon! My mom has had a couple of strokes, and is also on wayfarin. I’m glad they’re being very careful with you about it as it can be very nasty stuff even though it does a lot of good.

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