Seriously naffed off…

Seems like the next thing is working out how to change anti-coag/hemo clinics, seeing as the woman who thinks she’s doing mine for the next six months is the bitch from hell.  Hmm.  Well, its not like she’s going to read this.  Treat me like a stroked out 80 year old or a child and, seriously, we are not going to get on.  I explained this once.  I explained it twice. You don’t get a third go.  Not in the same 10 minutes.

I didn’t cry while I was in there, but there was serious danger of that happening several times on the way home.  Am seriously and properly f**cked off (Rob, if you know what the stars stand for, you’re old enough to hear it, tell Papa I said so when he moans.) The problem is I went straight to my GP and they can’t see me until next week, and I need to figure out to get this one sorted well before then.  In the space of a day the system has gone from flawless to seriously screwed.  Sooooooooooo  fing annoyed.

p.s. Libby – thanks for the emerg supply of tins of pre-mixed gin and tonics.  First one just cracked.  xx

[Edit:  Hmm. I have private health insurance… maybe THIS is what its for….]



  1. Jayne says:

    You have the right to choose your hosptial:

    I would assume the right to choose still applies even if its opting to change!

    Hospital search:

  2. Michelle Wilson says:

    Sorry to hear this Charley – sounds as if she needs a bit of bed side manner – ask her if Dr Kildare is available instead as he has nimble hands and a light touch – (she must be old enough to remember Richard Chamberlain who played Dr K back in the day…also he was the priest in the all time block buster “The Thorn Birds” the tale of forbidden love between Father Ralph… – now there is a book which does not need much brain power – my aunty got to page 65 and that is saying something…Praying she gets shifted on and you see this as a blip in an otherwise generally well organised system of care for you…loving your blogs!

    • Mary in SA says:

      you’ve never quite let The Thorn Birds go Michelle!! heard a horrid vocal version of THE THEME this morning while out for coffee and it, funnily enough, reminded me of you xx
      Charley – sorry about this chick you endured, it’s a puzzle why there are people like that in a profession that requires just the opposite! hope you don’t have to go back xx

  3. Claudia says:

    Ok, send me her phone number anytime you want and she will get a German number One bollocking. I know you can (hopefully did) tell her off yourself, but maybe I could reinforce your point. Also: thinking about all other patients she deals with and feeling sorry for them as well…

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