Olives, FAQs and prayer requests

I don’t like olives any more.  I used to love them, now I don’t care for them at all.  How entirely odd this all is.

I’m on a ‘reduce the questions’ mission again.  I honestly don’t mind them at all, particularly as I haven’t thought to ask quite a lot of them which is, admittedly, unlike me at full speed (see above).  But the same questions pop up over and again so forgive me for making this easy: I’ve added a Links/FAQ page – you can see the link to it at the top of the screen now.

I know this next paragraph will cause me a few problems so I’ll be quick.  And I’d like to relay the key message from one of the nicest texts from last week, which said that taking control of one’s own recovery is the best way to speed it up. It’s worked so far, so please bear that in mind.  The community POT called yesterday to make an appointment for next week.  I said she was welcome to pop in but I’m really ok.  She said if I can get around then I don’t need them as that’s all they do.  So we left it at that.  I have their phone number if anything changes. If you’re not happy about this – yes, I know who you are! – I can give it to you instead, if you’d like.  The stroke clinic is the one we’re really waiting for: that’s the one where we start talking through timescales.  I saw Dr D in passing yesterday and he’s chasing up when that’s happening.

So prayer requests for today, just for those of you who are that way inclined: (1) It would be fab if my GP surgery would actually talk to me and arrange to get me in their warfarin clinic asap so I don’t have to communicate with the nightmare from yesterday ever again;  (2) My friend Kate is doing all the key bits of the work I usually do, as well as her own.  She’s bloody marvellous at it and I know she’s utterly capable, but there’s a lot on, so can we look after her please; (3) One of my best friends is having a really horrible time.  He’s going to get through it but he’s not in a good place right at this exact moment. Would be great to pray for him too.  Just call him my friend: I’m 100% sure the big guy will know who you mean.  Thanks!!!

[Edit: add one more please: my friend’s dad died on Wednesday night.  It was expected, but still a huge shock and loss for them. I don’t want to announce someone else’s grief, so let’s call her Mary: again, he’ll know who you mean.]


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