Your smile makes me smile

:-)   :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)

I may have got round the problem of the anticoag woman at Hospital Number 3 via my GP’s receptionist today. (As opposed to the unhelpful one yesterday: Her: “No we haven’t got any GP appointments until Friday week.” Me: “I had a stroke a couple of weeks ago; does that make any difference?”  Her: “No.”  Me: “Ok, can I book to see a practice nurse.”  Her: “Well they aren’t available until after that”. Me “Shall I go to A&E with my non-emergency then?” (No, I didn’t mean it!!)  Her: “Ok.”) .  Anyway, I tried again this morning and this one said, “You can see the GP that specialises in warfarin first thing on Monday, is that ok?” Is it ok? Yes, please!!! Because potentially this means I can call up nightmare anticoag woman on Monday afternoon and tell her she has a free slot on Tuesday.  Hmm. If at first you don’t succeed, ignore the utterly unhelpful receptionist and seek out the good one. So now I just have to make sure the GP is nice and chilled about the CADISS thing. Easy…!(?!)

I got my face back today.  Though it’s looked normal all along, the left half has been numb, to varying degrees, since this all started on 11 Oct (18 days!!!).  It’s slowly reduced but this morning I got it back properly.  The left half of my lips are still a bit tingly but the rest is mine again!!!  (Hmm, as I type I realise it’s a bit more numb again, but we’re talking in a majorly minor way, if that makes sense!!)

So I have my face back, I can walk, if a little more slowly than usual, and…. hmm… there is one more significant thing that I had to re-learn, but I’m not ready to blog that one yet!  Anyway, I admit I’m tired and can usually feel my head, but generally it’s all good; particularly if I can use my GP, which is literally round the corner, instead of the hospital for the whole bloods bit.

Speaking of which, I’m back to the vampire palace tomorrow morning for bloods, so we shall see what the old INR is doing with itself.  After that, assuming the GP comes through, I won’t need to go back to the hospital again until the stroke clinic.  I think I’ll actually miss the people in trolleys (where it’s done).  I’ve been there nearly every day as an outpatient, so they’ve always known me as someone who just pops in every day rather than having the ‘proper-patient’ mentality about the whole thing.  And they’re always really nice.  They listen as well as speak so I always know what’s going on, and I get to tease the docs about their rubbish blood taking skills and demand Alaha or the charge nurse who’s name I can’t remember (Mark, perhaps?) instead.  And when the haematologists forget to call me  in the afternoon with results and corresponding dose changes, which is about 50% of the time, I just call trolleys and they chase them up or get whichever doc is there to do it for me themselves. So it always feels like a solid place to know and be.

All the naff smilies in this post represent my smiles today.  For the prayers among you – thank you… I think I’m on the road to cracking the bloods thing and my friend (number 3 below) has had already gotten a brilliant helping hand through the bumps this afternoon.  I have the print shown above (“your smile makes me smile“) on my stairs and today this is proved, once again, to be true.

:-)   :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)   :-)


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  1. Just found this blog, thanks for posting. I will keep you listed in favorites.

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