A video for Kate (!)

:-)  No need to type this one.  Just click play…



  1. Need to start to swap sides after a while I suspect, problems with dominant hands and the like – the joy of a daily jab (or 4) :-)

    You look like an expert but where is the fancy medisense bracelet?

  2. Char says:

    Hmm. i look like i have black eyes..! Do you have 4 a day? Don’t know that I could be bothered with that!!! Interestingly, i have bruises from all the jabs except the ones i did…! Bracelet not arrived yet. So I just chuck a syringe in my bag when i go out. Figure if anything happened they’d find that faster than the card that now resides in my wallet, and ask the right questions. Will let you know when it arrives. Maybe tomorrow.

  3. One at each end of the day and one per meal so 4 or 5 in total.

    Bruises are occupational hazard.

    You could get one of those rubber band bracelets like the Lance Armstrong Livestrong ones with a message on it – cheap and slightly funky.

  4. Kate says:

    Thanks for the video!
    I watched it very carefully to see if there was a clamp anywhere that I had to be aware of!

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