I’m late for work

At this time on a normal Monday morning, I’d already have been in work by now for about 30 minutes.  Instead my house is getting a little bit animated as E gets ready to go.  Hearing it reminds me that everyone else is too.  Except me.  I’ve been home for 2 weeks and it’s the first time I’ve felt like there’s a timetable going on that I’m not part of.

Time is funny thing at the moment.  I can’t believe I’ve been home for two weeks. I’ve been trying to work out how that’s possible when it feels like so much less.  On the other hand every day seems so long that, at the end of each one, I can’t quite believe everything happened since that morning.  It helps that sometimes I note down things for the blog at lunchtime, else I’m not entirely sure I’d believe it all happened in the same 24 hour period.  And then again, it feels like a lot longer than 3 weeks (this afternoon, Kate!) that the world started spinning so hard that I sat on the floor and rang Kate and said, “This is going to sound really weird but can you come over to the fifth floor of [building] and get me.”  Poor, poor Kate… neither of us had a clue then what I was getting her into.

Anyway, I’m hoping everything changes today.  See the GP this morning. If they’ll take on my bloods/drugs then I’m out of the system that binds me to the person we’re not going to mention again; for someone I only saw for 15 minutes she’s had far too much airtime already.  Assuming it all works, the daily timetable becomes more local and the daily cab to the hospital routine can be ditched.  I’ll only have to go for the stroke clinics and I don’t think they happen very often.  And because I’m on the trial, my drug needs get delivered to my house by the lovely Tina this morning (I’m out of syringes after today because no one expected me to be on the Clexane this long): I haven’t had a single prescription yet, I just call and say I need more X and they deliver them.  Shame they aren’t more interesting and less dangerous really.  (I didn’t mean that, she says, feeling the need to clarify for the youngest brother!)

A couple of musings that I’ve had overnight:

  • The original advice was that alongside physio, I’d need to stay in the hospital until I was stabilized on warfarin.  I’m glad we decided that was a rubbish idea because I’d still be there.
  • I’ve still no idea who you all are. This thing sends me stats.  There are a surprising number of you who are kind enough to drop by.  But I haven’t send the link to this many people and don’t know who you are – and you seem to be shy.  I can’t actually come and bother you right now, if you think about it, so do feel free to say hello and/or drop me a mail!  I’ll see if I can find a way to add a contact page that will send me emails without having to give out the address to see if that helps.


stats from start to yesterday

Bugger, just knocked over the breakfast can of diet coke. That’ll teach me for using the left hand to put it down before I’ve turned on a light.  And yes, I’ve told you about the diet coke for breakkie so you can bag me about that instead of the admission that being in darkness knocks the hand (and everything else) back about a week in time.  Anyway, better sort that out.

In the meantime, have a nice day/week at work.  And to my 08.25 breakfast crew; miss me please just for this morning, because today I miss you.



  1. Kate says:

    Poor me?! Poor you! I just had to sit there – you were the brave one.

    • Char says:

      Had a long conversation about this with someone yesterday and the reverse is true. Brave implies choice. Staying tough doesn’t. I had no choice on what was happening so I just had to hang in there. You could choose what you did, and you stayed. You were the brave one, and I shan’t forget it. xx

  2. Andy(L) says:

    So this morning you missed AndyB arriving in a rush and declaring that “The whole world has gone mad!”

  3. Michelle Wilson says:

    Hey Charley, sounds as if you have had a bit of a weekend of it. Still praying for you and a complete recovery. On the upside day time tv has improved slightly since the days of ‘crown court’ – you are too young to remember it but it was dire. Although thinking about the choice between Jeremy Kyle, Trisha or was it Kilroy?? Perhaps it is better to stick to your DVDs. Today is yet another public holiday in DRC (all saints day..) so some peace and quiet in the office – several things have irritated me already today so need to get a grip….take care and will pop in (at an agreed time!) when am back (arrive on Nov 16 for couple of weeks of Tf meetings).

  4. Nigel M says:

    The reason time’s going by so quickly for you is that you’re working hard on what’s rightly the number one priority at the moment, which is fixing yourself. I’m sure that must take a lot of energy. And thought. Which makes me remember that the brain fixes itself by thinking (a cool thought for me for the rest of the day!), and thinking takes sugar, and time. Er, sorry I’m rambling. Anyway the point I was trying to make is that we all want you to fix yourself before you come back and fix us at [your workplace]! (no, I haven’t done a survey, I’m just feeling sure of myself)

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