V quick update: GP says yes!!!!

:-) :-) :-)

I’m in the GP’s warfarin clinic.  In fact, they already did my INR and it’s up to 2.0 this morning, so we can lay off the Clexane tomorrow and recheck on Thursday.  I think they’d like the warfarin to get to me a nice, stable  2.5, which is the middle of my required range (2-3).

This is fab on several levels: (1) actually met my GP and she’s utterly lovely; (2) I can walk round the corner instead of treks to hospital to do this; (3) I trust them; (4) well, um, they keep saying “she’s really young” when they talk about me in front of me.  That absolutely counts.. right?!

The GP, who is a warfarin specialist – thank the Lord she’s at my surgery – has only seen one dissection before, and that was in a kid who had an accident with his bike.  I’m learning that being an NHS novelty is also, sometimes, quite helpful.

Now do excuse me.  I have to call and cancel my appointment tomorrow with she-who-shall-not-get-another-mention.



  1. Michelle Wilson says:

    That is really great news, another step along the way! And yes you are really young…

  2. Kate says:

    Yeeehaaa, great news and a positive step in the right direction!!

  3. Neal says:

    Very good news indeed. so pleased that your recovery is progressing – Prayer + youthful genes!

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