Fish, chips and black cabs

Remember how I said you don’t know what you can’t do until you try to do it (Bovvered?)?  Well… I picked up an academic book today, and put it down 5 minutes later.  It was like Sunday lunch the other day: seemed like an excellent idea in theory but, actually, not the right one today.  How crashingly boring this is going to become.For the past week I’ve been reduced to making Christmas presents – see below. (Some of you can probably work out who some of these are for.)  I was considering making jars of peach chutney as well, but people still freak when I mention sharp knives may be in play*, and I didn’t like the idea of the whole house smelling of vinegar while I’m pretty much grounded.  Still, I had some pretty fantastic fish and chips at the-pub-round-the-corner tonight.  Thanks to Steve for ensuring I was liberated for the evening, and Martin and Mark for topping and tailing the event!

I think Steve and Mark would tell you I can walk far more easily than it was last week. It’s quite useful having people around who will tell you these things. It’s just when I get really tired at the end of the day that I think it becomes a bit obvious all is not as the norm, particularly on the going down stairs part.  I’m also pleased to report that Mark himself is making extremely good progress. This evening he managed to – deliberately and with much effort – stop at just the two lectures and a short-ish list of instructions on when to text him tomorrow.

😉  Thank you Mark. :-)

An old friend started a new blog at the weekend, and I promised to mention it.  I think this thing might be catching (Lou’s blog). And today, while trying to decide what on earth I could do in the house and went looking for baking recipes, I found this, which is launched today: FoodPress.  You saw it here first.

And yes… I now know there is a tube strike tomorrow.  I’ve found a workaround.  Obviously. It’ll even save me 10 minutes on the journey time in the long run.  At exactly thirty-five point two times the price. Utter pain in the neck.  (But not literally, which is probably important to clarify.)  So it’s all ok.  How do people outside the M25 do this?  Someone who’s had a stroke can’t drive for at least a month and, frankly, even if I was driving, I’m not so sure my reaction times, even in 9 days time, would quite cut it.  God bless black cabs and London Transport (except on tube strike days).

*I’m right handed.  It’s fine.



  1. Mark says:

    Sigh! *shakes head*

  2. Tony says:

    People outside the M25 just stay and work at home when there is a tube strike on the grounds that it would take so long to get from Paddington to Lewisham that I would probably be in time to turn around and go home.

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