TFL and voice memos

Today I needed to get somewhere to see someone, and I did. This was my first proper adventure going somewhere on my own that didn’t involve vampires.  As adventures go it may not seem like a big deal but, well, anyway.  I knew I could do it.  I just wasn’t sure how it was going to roll.  Especially during a tube strike, which wasn’t part of the original plan.

Still, a cab to a mainline station, followed by 15 minutes on a mainline train, got me there in good time.  I got in a muddle trying to get a ticket at the office which was oddly stressful, mainly because it’s just weird that it turned out to be trickier that I thought, and I could see the ticket bloke thinking, “Here we go…”.

The harder bit, though, was at the other end.  Though the station was right at the destination, it was a much longer walk than I remembered and I found myself wondering why they hadn’t fitted travellators to speed things up.  It only took about 15 minutes, but I suspect I could usually do it in 6, and without thinking it’d be nice to have my old head back for the walk. Halfway there I realised that, though it was a very wide walkway indeed, I was walking really close to the wall, and didn’t really want to change that.  And then came the problem.  A woman with a large suitcase, who was a bit lost, stood in my way and loudly asked for directions.  I couldn’t deal with that one, but I think I was polite about it.  It’s the first time I’ve thought “hmm, maybe I shouldn’t have.”  I think it’s the planned verses unplanned thing.  If I know roughly what’s coming up its ok because I can figure it out.  Noise, strangers and busy-ness makes things a bit more of a challenge: it’s like there’s a lot of excess noise going on and it needs shutting off. (Thankfully the tube worked on the way back: no wait, just a seat and quiet and a decent service. Much easier.)

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it yet, but high backed chairs are my new, (temporary) life essential.  One might assume that I’m searching for nice food or a decent wine list but really I’m looking for somewhere that I can sit with my head against something without looking out of place.  This was the number one priority for lunch and, for anyone wondering, the booths in a Cafe Rouge work!  I think I’ve gotten cannily good at finding way to rest my chin on my hands without looking too bored or lazy, but high-backed chairs, at the moment, are my idea of freedom.

Braving public transport reminded me that I’ve been considering having t-shirts printed with a warning message on them.  A bit like those “baby on board” badges that pregnant women get from TFL (that link is worth clicking, by the way, because I expect the stats from the ‘Bump Report’ apply as much me this week as it does to the knocked up).  MM and I were musing on options yesterday evening.  “Brain Injured” and “Damaged Goods” were both in the running.  As was “Stroked Out” until I realised that, especially given the potential positioning of the text, it might not be perceived quite the way it would be intended (see my mock-ups below)..! In any case, it’s kind of weird at the moment.  I look normal, and I sound normal, but I’d quite like to be able to push to the front of the queue at the taxi stand or on the train.  Yet, even if that was my normal disposition and I truly wanted to, I just couldn’t be bothered anyway.  (And it’s true… city boys, especially the ones with striped shirts and naff cufflinks, are the most annoying people on the planet.)

so what do we think: do I have a future as a t-shirt designer?!

In other news:

  • I discovered ‘voice memos’ on my iphone.  Sadly… very, scarily useful.  I have a couple people in mind who need to use this (e.g. SR) or need to get an iphone so they have it (not putting your initials but you probably know who you are!)
  • My friend who was returning from the warzone arrived back in the UK today.  Welcome home.  I’m very glad you’re back. Stay put for a while, will you? I’m thinking at least a year. x

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