Back on the Clexane

here we go again...

My INR dropped to 1.7.  My target range is 2-3.  This means the dose of warfarin has gone up again and I’m back on the Clexane jabs until at least Monday.  I need to turn the Clexane alarm back on in the phone again too.  Let’s hope the clocks don’t change and confuse it – and me – again.  This is starting to get boring.

At least I only had to walk around the corner to do all this, which is a complete result.  When the numbers come in low you then have to get booked onto the doctors list and wait for them to sort you out.  Then they re-prescribe.  But at least it’s only 5 minutes away.  No hospital trip, no cabs, no four mile walks and a lift system that has to be experienced to be explained.

I’ve noticed that I always seem to wake up tired on the days they tell me it’s dropped.  I think it must be a co-incidence, or the warfarin itself, but it’s a new pattern.  I’ve also been craving eggs (benedict, omelettes, boiled with marmite soldiers…).  Turns out they are good for Vitamin K, which is what we’re supressing with the drugs.  Cravings for watercress, spinach, rocket and eggs, and an aversion to anything salty (olives, feta, crisps).  Should be a recipe for success but I’ve put on weight.  That’s what happens when you lose 90 minutes a day in walking to and from work I suppose.  As I said, I’m bored with this now.  New game please.

The champagne thing this evening was good. Ok, it wasn’t my best idea ever, given  will probably pay in tiredness in the morning, but it was nice to spend time with Jules and do something different.  I only sipped each one (probably less than a glass in total) and, as we started at 5.30 were done by about 8, which is when it was starting to get busy. It was good to make friends with the owner/manager though, as the whole place has a hi-tec ‘come in and chat and try before you buy’ system going on.  It was also nice to discover that the champagne I liked was not the £50 one, nor the £40 one (Bollinger – my notes said it was bland enough go with anything, but not that interesting, and came 7th out of 12) nor the £30 one (English, I so wanted to like that one but didn’t – he snuck us half a glass of a sparkling English Rose though, not yet stocked by them, but really lovely), nor the £13 one, but the nice affordable £20 one from New Zealand.  Not strictly champagne but Jules picked it out as her favourite by far too.  It was well worth doing; the staff were really nice and we also got to eavesdrop on a first (internet) date going on next to us. Not sure their evening was as successful as ours.

champagne tasting

Oh, and my little brother is lending me his beloved wii… we thought the wii fit balance board might be useful… but if you come over I expect I’ll let you play Guitar Hero too, if you like.



  1. Jayne says:

    The iPhone alarm thing is weird. I deleted mine and started again and now one goes off at the right time and another goes off an hour late!

    It took me a while to realise I should just put things in the calendar until the bug is fixed (or get one of the free alarm clock aps)

  2. Jen says:

    So what is this NZ champagne called???

    • Char says:

      Quartz Reef, Methode Traditionelle (Pinot Noir 76%), Chardonnay (24%), non-vintage, made in Central Otago.

      (Does this thing send you an email to let you know I’ve replied?)

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