Champagne Tasting and Melanie Reid

Just a heads up so you can get over it before I do it.  I’ve got a late afternoon outing at the venue/event below, which isn’t far from where I live.  My friend expressed concern when I mentioned my intent. I pointed out (a) it’s very local and i can always leave; (b) I’m only going to taste it, not down it; (c) it’ll be the first properly social outing in 3.5 weeks. Oh, and (d) I’m going with a friend who’s a paramedic.   He chilled on hearing (d).  Thanks for your career choice, Jules!

I get a bit worried about offending people, so don’t take this one the wrong way.  In fact, if you’re reading this, it doesn’t apply to you. (Unless  I’haven’t seen nor heard from you in any way shape or form since 11 October, in which case it may!).  But I’m finally reading stuff.  I’ve read one of the magazines that Kate brought, I read The Week yesterday to catch up a bit, and Easy Living magazine which is the one I actually seek out most months.  Anyway, two of their letters jumped off the page at me today, so much so that I took a photo for you.  Not only because they resonated, but also because I’d like to remind you that some people are really in trouble.  (See pic at end of post.)

In that same magazine is an article by Melanie Reid, who had an accident in April that made her a tetraplegic.  I wish I could reproduce it or link to it because, just seven months on, she sounds like someone I’d like to know.  But I can’t link to it as it’s not online.  However…  I googled and she also has a column in The Times. Links to two of them are below. I can’t imagine some of what she’s written and, to be honest, i wouldn’t want to try too hard.  But a couple of the most minor fringe details, I can see. Anyway, two links below:

Anyway, if you can get hold of Easy Living this month (or borrow your wife’s), please do so, if only for Melanie’s article.  Failing that, read it – page 67 – when you’re next in the supermarket.  And no… I don’t work for them (though I once wrote a book review for them)!

Easy Living Magazine


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  1. Mary says:

    I read Melanie Reid too, I am honoured to say that I read her very first gutsy article. That was about May I think, it was about 6 weeks after her accident. The irony was that I was stuck in a mental institution at the time under duress, I finally made it out of there with out having medications enforced but it was horrendous. I had thought when reading Melanies article, she had lost use of her body which would be so devastating, but she has her mind and she is using it to advantage and to assist others. I thought, here am I with my body in tack but I am being threatened with mind altering drugs and risk loosing my mind. I was terrified but in a different way to Melanie. I am now legally dealing with devasting related issues. Mental Health has such a stigma related to it. Empathy isnt something that flows from the public domain regarding the matter either. If by chance you get to read this Melanie, I would appreciate an email contact because I would love the opportunity to send through the odd article for you to read. I also read you hard hitting and very appropriate article regarding a tetraplegic who had had his ventilator switched off. You told it as it needed telling. I applaude you. I would some how like to have my say on a couple of matters too Regards Mary. ;

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