Cheeky Little Wii

My baby brother’s Wii was installed in my living room today. (One can tell he thinks I’m actually ill because he even lent me the Guitar Hero kit along with all his games.) As you know, my bright idea is that the balance board on the wii fit can help get the balance issue utterly sorted faster than otherwise. The idea is to be able to do this:


However, after the first go, tthe Wii Fit kindly said this:

Well, no kidding, but as you don’t to have a way for me to input ‘Cut me some slack, apparently I had a stroke,’ you could at least be more polite.

To add decided insult to injury, my Dad then had a go. And it said this:


I think you’re just giving him extra points because his avatar actually looks like him, and that’s simply not fair!

In other news, I now know why more people are hitting this site than I’ve told about it. It seems there are now a couple of links in obscure places… at least, this is true as I press ‘publish’, though I suspect they will see the error of their ways, possibly before you even read this:
WordPress has this as the Featured blog for “stroke” – well, presumably there aren’t that many, given the average age for a stroke is 75. Yes, 75: check the link. Strangers, please note that I shall not be 75 for about another 40 years!
• has put it in its research library. If you’ve come from there, I’ve no idea what I’m talking about (I’ve never done this before) and I got the physios to sign me out of hospital after the first session. So this isn’t going to be terribly helpful I’m afraid…
• And, well, this fed through to FoodPress‘s brunch list, thanks to Libby’s fab recipe yesterday. So that one really belongs to her.

Like a lot of things… weirdness.


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