4 weeks, 1 INR, 3 other blogs

It’s 4 weeks today since the first stroke.  In the middle of tonight night it will be four weeks since the second or third (I don’t know which, but I know it was the worst one).  Tomorrow it will be four weeks since they worked out what the problem was.  And I discovered what a true star Kate (L) was, and many others of you are.  It seems like a lifetime ago, to me anyway.  How about you?

My INR result today was 1.9.  Which isn’t quite 2.  They are keeping the warfarin the same for a couple more days, during which we keep going with the Clexane as well.  Check again on Wednesday.  (We’re looking for it to get to, and then stabilise, between 2 and 3.)  Apparently it usually about 5 days to do this, after which the Clexane injections are stopped.  We enter week 3 tomorrow.  I plan on stabilizing before the end of the week.  Any ideas on how to will this in?  Or are we just reliant on someone else’s work?

Anyway, before I began his blog, way back in Hospital Number 3, I looked for other blogs because I needed someone else’s story.  I’d have settled for anything that gave a clue, but I couldn’t find anything.  My research skills are better again, so I went looking again for some blogs. I’m still interested, plus they more interesting to you than this one!

I actually only found three. Three.  In total.  But they are indeed more interesting than mine.  I’ve not been in touch with any of them so I hope they don’t mind the links.  Have a read.  And do feel free to switch allegiance:

  • DOM PARDEY was only 28 when he had a massive stroke that kept him in a coma for 3 weeks and in hospital for 2 years.  See… that’s a proper stroke.  The first link takes you to the first post.  Keep reading: post number 5 is gut-wrenching.  He’s obviously got some great mates too: they set up a Trust for him.
  • BILL HERBST was home within 10 days, but then had a complete nightmare of ongoing pain.  He’s an astrologist and I surmise he probably was open to alternative healing options.  His most recent posts asks people to stop sending him suggestions on this.  Given what he does for a living, I suspect that what’s not been said in this blog is… is interesting the right/appropriate word?
  • STEVE & KATHY BONCHER – a far more typical tale in terms of age and effect, but told primarily from the wife’s point of view.

And finally, for now, I took this picture for someone who likes Love Hearts almost as much as I do.  But I like the picture so much I’m sharing, and hoping the initial recipient doesn’t mind too much.


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  1. SteveG says:

    For other stories from young stroke survivors, also check out the “Survivors Stories” at http://www.differentstrokes.co.uk/

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