Chocolate, Brains and T-Shirts

Yippee.  You couldn’t make this up. “Dark Chocolate Compound Could Protect Against Stroke Brain Injury.”  Oh yes, you may call me a bearer of glad tidings! Has there ever been a better excuse to go and buy several bars of Montezuma’s Chilli & Lime?

I threatened a while ago to design some t-shirts to cheer myself up.  One t-shirt and one bag are on their way.  Putting them together made me smile.  We shall see how they turn out in real life, but on screen they look like this:

not just a blogger...?

Oh, and if everything looks different to you today,  you’re not going mad: I fiddled with the look of the blog yesterday.  What???  Yes, I really do have too much time on my hands. Remember?!

the way it used to be...

I know I’ve been cheating for the last couple of days by using photos instead of words.  It’s probably more interesting for you, and it’s been a nice break from thinking for me, so thanks for the indulgence.

I had another INR (blood) test this morning, to see if the warfarin is doing its thing yet.  If it is then I can ditch the Clexane jabs (again) and see if we can keep my INR stable in its target range. If not, we keep going with the jabs too until it comes up enough.

What happened?  I’ll tell you all about it later.


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  1. Char says:

    Oh my. No chilli and lime chocolate in Waitrose (which is the only place that usually has it. I hit the Montezuma site… “out of stock”…

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