One step forward and…

Well.  Um.  What did I do today?  Nothing.

Made myself get up at lunchtime.  (Lunchtime!  Had been surfing net since 7am, honest). Made an omelette.  Turned on tv.  Head ached.  Paracetamol.  Noise and lights too much.  Went back to bed less than an hour after I got up.  Slept for 3 hours.  Got up because someone was coming., which was nice.  Back in bed again by 7. Waste of a day (except the visitors).

Guess its payback for yesterday.  Ok.  Well.


When I got home yesterday, I made beef stew. (No wonder I slept well last night!!)  It’s tricky to know what to cook that’s easy, will feed lots of people (because I’m not happy about them still bringing things), is packed with veg (because that’s what I’m craving) and is, um, nice. This was my first proper cooking.

Beef stew.  With a lonely tin of Guinness that I found in the fridge to liven it up.

Use any root veg you like: I had potatoes, parsnips, carrots, red onion, shallots, and a leek. And diced beef (lightly sealed) tinned tomatoes and, if you have them, maybe a handful of pearl barley and/or lentils. Chuck in your favourite herbs and a can of Guinness (instead of red wine, not as well as!). Cook on 180 for about 2 hours.

Eat with bread.  Or rice.  Or baked potatoes.  Yum.

I made loads of it though, so if you’re coming over for supper tomorrow, this is what you are getting.


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