What shall I do today?

Frustration is waking up like its all normal again and then realising you still can’t walk in a straight line without thinking about it.  However, devastation is something quite, quite different and we don’t have any of that here!

The new fashion accessory arrived the other day.  Tagged until I come off the Warfarin!

medical id thing...

I went into work for lunch yesterday: almost normality!  Well, lunch isn’t usually a revolving door of people popping by to say hello, but I’m very glad you did!  And the shopping centre nearby beforehand: walking into it, on my own, was like walking into wonderland.  It’s a shame I don’t really like shopping, didn’t need anything much, and it’s so spacious, really!

Now…  question, I have a whole day without doctors and nurses and no visitors until about 6pm. What shall I do with it?

Not trying the cinema until next week, so I guess the boundaries are thus: 15 minutes walking distance or up to 40 min including a tube.  If it’s more than a couple of hours then we need a pit stop, preferably with high backed chairs.  I was thinking it’s a great chance to go to the National Portrait Gallery but… well, that would be walking all day,  so we’re looking for something else.  Time Out not proving useful.  I’m thinking I’ll def try the cinema next week – perhaps the Facebook thing with Jez; not a shoot em up anyway).  I’ve also got text books.  I think the idea is to try a trashy novel before I got to them (Zan kindly supplied one way back when; I’m still only on page 26…), but I’m figuring at some point I’ll just go straight for the kill… maybe next week.

Anyway, today will probably be… well maybe it’s a trip to the hight street for some printer cartridges.  Maybe pitstop for lunch.  And then I suspect it’ll be a sleep and the wii (thanks Bobs).  Me and a wii?!  Its quite amusing really… on th right day!

Who said being off work was cheap or interesting?!

I must write something on all the things that have changed/gone out the window in the past four weeks…



  1. Tony says:

    1) Sign up to Kelbytraining.com and learn some Photoshop and photography stuff – $24 for a month – I have signed up and its pretty good stuff – lots on studio lighting

    2) Tag all your photos in lightroom / aperture – dull but necessary

    3) Find a MUA and models / look that you would like to use when we get your lights working or get in the studio

    4) Read some classic literature – Trollope or similar

    5) List all the people you want to say thanks to and arrange a portrait shoot for them at Chez Char

    6) Spend too much time on TripAdvisor putting together holidays you might take one day (I have about 5 variations of west coast journeys that I want to take).

    7) Start one of those 365 photo things and post on the blog

    and after lunch…..


  2. Char says:

    :-) Hmm, I’m taking up a couple of those!! Thanks!

  3. Andy(L) says:

    1. Review a proposal
    2. Write some slides for this afternoon’s meeting

    Oh! Hang on…

  4. Claudia says:

    For the afternoon (after all the photography stuff): get a good audiobook out/downloaded. I listened to tons of them when I was as big as a whale during the last week of pregnancy… Daphne du Maurier, Francis Durbridge, Alexander McCall Smith, the Brontë sisters, Sherlock Holmes, all of Agatha Christie or all the Radio 4 comedy stuff. Just to start with….

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