How old???

They say many stroke patients get depressed after their strokes, particularly if they are younger.  As someone comfortably in their mid-30’s, I’d like to suggest a seriously contributing factor which the NHS could have a think about remedying:

I called to check. This is indeed how they refer to the Stroke Clinic.

Shoot me now?

Still… if i was indeed “elderly”, do you think I’d not have noticed that this can’t possibly be a reminder because they definitely hadn’t told me about it yet?  I know because I called them this morning to ask when it was.  Also, would I have noticed that they hadn’t even given me a clue about where to go?!

How old is elderly anyway?  And will I get a State Pension to go with my revised status?



  1. Jayne says:


  2. Nora says:

    Even the NHS is not immune to ‘senior moments’ but they don’t seem to have a cure for it! When my friend from Singapore was about to have her fourth child in her thirties she was classified as: ‘elderly Mongolian’. She tried to tell them that she was Chinese, but to no avail. Ahhhhh, the vagaries of classification whether by race, gender or culture!

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