Brain Bruised: Clinics and Apparel

Well, my usual finisher/completer approach to life seems to have gone for a little holiday (without me, obviously… see previous post!) and I’ve several half-written posts on things I keep meaning to tell you.  I’ll try to finish a couple and drip feed them over the next few days.

Post-stroke wise, this week sees a warfarin review on Wednesday, and the Stroke Clinic (aka the Elderly Medicine Acute appointment) on Friday.  On Wednesday we’re hoping the warfarin has started doing its thing, and that my INR is up to at least 2.0, so I can stop with the Clexane jabs every day.  If it’s not, I might have a chat about alternative options instead of keeping going with it.  On Friday I don’t really know what happens. I believe I meet the consultant I never met in Hospital Number 3; I hear I also meet with a stroke nurse.  I’ve heard other things too but I think I’ve seen them off already.  I’ve started compiling a list of questions to ask them. If you think of anything I may have missed off the list, please let me know!

As an aside, you may remember I got a t-shirt and a bag printed purely for my own amusement.  My friend Rachel, who had a TIA a few years ago, asked if she was qualified to get the same t-shirt.  So I’ve set it up so that she (and anyone else who’d like one) can indeed get one.  (I don’t suppose you really need to ever have bruised your brain to wear one but… I’ll put some less specific things up in due course).  Anyway, the net result is a few ‘Brain Bruised’ items at



Each item is marked up by £2.10 on cost: if anyone buys anything between now and Christmas, when I’ll probably take it down, I’ll pass on any £2.10’s received to a charity called Different Strokes.

Of course, the real question is, dare I put the ‘stroked out’ ladies t-shirt up? I commented before that the positioning of that particular phrase may be, um, interesting, on a woman.  My cousin Abby (who makes great stuff here) pointed out it would be even more interesting on an 80 year old woman.   Who probably wouldn’t realize where the text was going to land at time of purchase.  Yes, our particular take on life appears to be utterly genetic, even across the oceans.

A reminder of the mock up of “Stroked Out”… Shall I put it up? What do you think?!


stroked out


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