The Beauty of Diagrams

A complete aside.

Do you remember I said yesterday I like diagrams instead of lists of facts (e.g. maps over a list of towns and directions)?  Well, check this out on BBC iplayer: it was on last night: The Beauty of Diagrams!


Note: The link will expire on 23 December in the UK.  You can’t watch BBC iplayer outside the UK.  I’m not sure why iplayer isn’t available on subscription overseas yet: if you’re overseas and would be happy to pay a subscription to see it, PLEASE comment and note how much you’d genuinely be happy to pay per month to access iplayer content. I know there are some restrictions on rights for things like sports and movies but, excluding those even, as a general idea, I’m very interested to know… )



  1. Claudia says:

    Somewhere around 10 Euros/months (up to 15 Euros) would be definitely fine, then I would get it without thinking about it. More than that, I woud have a closer look on what is included in the package….

    • Steve G says:

      The TV Licence works out at about 14.25 Euros a month, so they could never expect to charge less than that.

      • Char says:

        Really Steve? Even though quite a chunk of it would be blacked out? It just occurs to me that if you made it cheap enough that people in the Western world didn’t need to think twice… say, £3 a month… all those £3 a months from around the globe could potentially make the licence fee much cheaper…? Am I naive?

  2. I watch a lot of BBC TV programmes and subscribe to their webdsites. It is very frustrating to get links which are not available outside a particular area – sort of makes a mockery of the concept of a *world wide* web. I think that at least part of the problem is that the UK and the USA uses different video systems. Would it be too difficult to use one which works everywhere, like Youtube?

    • Char says:

      Ah, if you are outside the UK then much video content is intentionally blocked. There are rights issues and also the content is paid for by the UK citizens who may be a tad annoyed if everyone else got it free. It’s the same for us BTW – I can’t see NBC content, for example.

  3. […] here today and spotted this:  which, on investigation, has come up a lot.  Apparently because I blogged about The Beauty of Diagrams, the BBC buzz website is referring.  An honour […]

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