A bit of give and take and give (to Children in Need)

Um… so, it’s 02:29 and I’m posting on here.  I suppose I ought to explain.

I went to the Stroke Clinic this morning.  I got there for 9am, waited til 10am, was out by 11.30.  I was meeting a friend for lunch at 1, so I walked to the venue and then mooched in the shop nearby to kill the time.  Then had lunch with my friend which was completely lovely. Came home in time to be here at 3.45 for a drop-off of another box of Clexane by the kind lady from the Cadiss trial (most people don’t get through one box; this is my fourth).  Then horrible headache = paracetamol + darkness + sleep required.

I just woke up, 5 minutes ago.

Have only just sent thank you text for lunch. Have only half written up the answers to the questions from the clinic (will post them tomorrow –  or actually later today). Missed the whole of Children in Need, which I wanted to watch this year.

So… It seems if I take a day, I still pay for it with a huge chunk of time.   Only this time it was immediate paypack.  The headaches are horrible, but is it worth it to have a day out?  Seven hours out of the house in return for the crashing headache that requires seven hours to sleep it off?  Um. Yes.  Actually, I think it is, right now.  I couldn’t do it every day, but once, perhaps twice a week… perfectly manageable…

On the bright side, I just got 7 consecutive hours sleep, which rarely happens!!! And I got clearance on Tylenol PM today.  So I wonder, if I have one of those, if I can sneak in another 5 hours or so before it’s up time…?!! It worth a shot!

Note: If you missed Children In Need too, you can still donate via link above: just one example of it changing lives is here on WordPress.


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  1. Claudia says:

    Good morning! Hope your head is better today. I liked the Dr. Who tea party best (no surprise here)…

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