Shopping, with Charlize and Orlando

I guess I’m coming to terms this ‘take a day = lose a day’ thing.  I mean I hope it changes soon but, right now, that’s the way it is.  If I take a day out (by which I mean leaving mid-morning and coming back late afternoon), I will end up, shortly after arriving home, in bed with a crashing headache that requires paracetamol to get it to a point I can fall asleep, whereupon I will sleep for about 6 or 7 hours and wake up in – probably – the middle of the night.  Luckily, I can now take Tylenol PM, so half a dose of that makes sure I can sleep again an hour later  and go through until morning.  If I take the following day easy, I can probably think about the next day or the day after that as a complete possibility again.  (I just read that back… it sounds depressing… it’s totally not… it’s a way to have some normality… and I love that there’s a way figured out to do that).

So today I took a day.  :-)

I’m fortunate enough to have a cleaner who comes once a fortnight to blitz the house.  Lord knows what I would have done without her right now… Anyway, I timed my exit with her arrival and made my way to the big shopping centre near my work.  It’s one of the two shopping places most local to me and I wanted to go to Uniqlo to pick up some winter staples, start my Christmas shopping, and meet some friends from work for lunch.

There are pros and cons about this shopping centre: everything is under one roof and it’s right by the station, but everything inside it is so far away from everything else!  The surprisingly few coffee shops (or rest stops, as I now think of them) are all bunched down in one corner, which is – obviously – the furthest point from my favourite shops.  It’s funny because when I was little and we wanted a drink when we were out, my dad always used to say, “Wait until we get home, there’s plenty of water in the tap.” (Those of you who know him can hear him saying that, right??!!)  Anyway, it took me a fair while to stop thinking of stopping for a drink as a completely outrageous indulgence, and enjoyed that I could.  Now… well… now it’s an essential.  If I time it so I stop, sit, using a diet coke as the excuse to be there– i.e. no calories – every 45 minutes I can do about three hours.  This may sound like not a lot, but it’s actually freedom.  I can, therefore I can.

Half my Christmas shopping is done. Oh, and the Uniqlo staples?  Heattech.  It’s a little modern miracle.


Charlize and Orlando? For Uniqlo? Interesting...


As is Uniqlo (Uniqlo?!) snagging Charlize and Orlando for their ads?



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