The Google Fixer

I’m a problem solver; a fixer.  I have a more official title at work, of course, but basically that’s always been my actual job, in the end.  So maybe you can understand why I was curious to see that someone had come to this blog by typing, into a search engine, “what is meant by problem fixing?”.   So I googled it to see what happened.  And I’m top of the list!!!!  Of 193m!!!  See:

Google has put me as the top problem solving answer.  Obviously there’s been a mistake, but I like it.  Just don’t look at the entry immediately below, which made me smile, but then bluster, at the inappropriateness of it getting to number 2 on my list.  :-)

:-) :-) :-)

Anyway.  My next INR blood check is tomorrow morning.  I’m hoping it jumps from 1.7 to at least 2, so we can stop the Clexane jabs.  I know I always say I think it’s in the zone now, because my belly is so bruised up, but in the past couple of days the jab sites have started bleeding when they’re done and that’s new.  And I knocked my thumb today and it bled disproportionately.  So, it must be in zone.  And if it’s not, I’ll tell them the stroke doctor says to up it to 8mg, I suppose.  But I think it’ll be ok this time.

Anyway, keep calm and carry on.  After all, what else is there to do?


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