INR down

My INR has not gone up to reach the 2-3 range.  In fact, it has dropped, from 1.8 to 1.5.

This is getting a tad ridiculous.

The dose has gone up from this evening to 8.3mg.  The Clexane syringes, which I moved to the top of the bathroom cabinet, will reappear less than 3 hours after I put them away.

Will draw a new graph when I have regained the will to live.

p.s. I’m not serious about the end of that sentence, but it’s getting very boring.  I’m bruised, I bleed, but the INR isn’t up?  At least the Clexane is working, I suppose.



  1. Nigel M says:

    I really know nothing about this, but that’s not going to stop me asking: Is there any chance their measurements are being thrown off systemically by some confounding factor?

  2. CN says:

    I don’t think the measurements are wrong as there are lots of other patients and theirs are fine. Apparently there only 2 anomalies in the warfarin clinic and I am one of them. It might be something I’m doing… but hard to say what… or it may be there’s an underlying issue. My stroke doc thinks the dose just isn’t high enough; but that still doesn’t explain how it went down.

  3. Steve G says:

    I know diet affects it (Vitamin K particularly). I assume they gave you a list of things you can’t eat such as green veg, cranberry juice etc:

    • CN says:

      Yep. In the beginning they were chilled about what I ate as they dose around it, but i’ve cut out practically everything with a high K load to see if it helps. It doesn’t, so I might start eating it more!

  4. Jen says:

    Praying for that blood of yours to be obedient!!!

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