A picture paints a thousand words…

… and I have two, so why add to them.


Thankfully, my favourite people seem to be coming to me.  Thank you for that.



  1. Claudia says:

    Sorry to hear about the latest results. Have you thought about getting a second opinion from another “blood specialist” (sorry don’t know the proper term for them in English) to get more info on possible reasons for you INR staying up? Let me know of you feel like skyping soon….

  2. Andy(L) says:

    That chart is very odd. It looks like the positive coupling between Warfarin and INR is very low. Perhaps it is all down to external influences. I assume that there isn’t something experimental about your Warfarin?

    • CN says:

      You both ask the same questions I asked. Well, actually, I said, “Sure that’s impossible.” So… in my mind, either I’m eating something incredibly high in Vitamin K that I haven’t clocked, or my blood has an underlying issue, or that’s justt the way it is…

  3. CN says:

    Andy – no. The trial compares warfarin with aspirin. I’m on warfarin, which is what I would have been given if I wasn’t on the trial. The trial doesn’t dose me. So I don’t see how…

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