From Germany with Love

I believe I’ve told you before, probably several times, that my friends are gorgeous.  Not only do you show up, but you skype, email, call, send Cherry Ripes from Oz (Kath) and don’t make me feel like a complete cripple.

One friend came to stay from Germany when I’d been out of the hospital for just a few days, with her husband and 9 month old baby (whom I’m still claiming is named after me!).  They very sweetly cooked and generally made sure I hadn’t quietly drowned in the bath, while on their holiday.  It was so nice to have them here, I may have shed a tear when they left.

Today I received a package from Germany and from said friend – see below.  I’d like to point out she proves my point about the gorgeousness.

Thank you Claudia. And everybody else.  Particularly those of you who’ve been here in body as well as in spirit.  For everything.

from Germany with love


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  1. Jen says:

    Wish I was there singing you …. You-know-what!!!!

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