Can she do it? (Yes she… will find out!)

My life is about to begin again, and I’m looking forward to it.

This began on 11 October.  I left my office for 10 minutes and haven’t been back since.  I haven’t opened an MSc book. I haven’t done a normal ‘go out with my friends’.  I haven’t been any in busy/loud places for any longer than it takes to get out of them.  I haven’t been away (except to hospital).

In the course of the next two weeks, the following is happening.  On Tuesday a friend is coming to stay until Sunday; we will most definitely pace it, but we will not be housebound.  On Wednesday I’m going into work for the morning, to be present at an event that I usually mastermind but didn’t quite get to finish  before I disappeared for 10 minutes.   I’ve a plan for lunch at Borough Market on Friday.  And on Sunday, as my friend leaves, I am departing to do the final MSc residential week.

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Have I mentioned I haven’t read a single book yet (neither non-fiction, nor any of the gorgeous books of stories stacked up in a lovely, chaotic pile of adventures)?  Yesterday, I pulled my MSc papers out.  Today I shall look for the sheets of paper with the essay questions on them.  Tomorrow I will pull old essays so I can draft a page for a group presentation we’re doing at the end of the week.  And I printed out lots of research papers for each essay before this happened; so I will aim to match the papers and books with the essay questions on Monday.  Somehow I don’t think I’m going to read anything much beyond that this weekend… but it’s a start.

I don’t know how this works, all the stuff that happens next, but I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ll blog more on this later, and may include some (anonymised) excepts of some things people said when I first said I was going to do the residential.  I don’t know how this plays out, but I have a feeling it’s all going to be fine.

I’m looking forward to Tuesday very much.  And then I’m looking forward to Wednesday.  And then… You get my point.

In other news, my friend Mark, who made so many posts earlier on (because he’s such a star at showing up at all the right times), fell over on a mountain the other day and banged his head.  The BBC even reported it: “During the operation a rescuer slipped and suffered a head injury.“!!!!! He escaped with concussion.  He assures me he’s home and he’s perfectly fine, bar the concussion… But I just wanted to publicly acknowledge, given our competitive natures, that he wins – hands down wins – on modes of emergency transport.  His helicopter airlift, during a storm that meant they could only touch down a the 4th hospital they tried, utterly trounces land based ambulances.  It’s just a shame your head hurt too much for you to enjoy it.  But I am glad you’re ok.  Thanks for not being too dramatic on that front.  Though I see you’re not listed yet?  Well hey ho… get listed and I’ll link straight to the Central Beacons Mountain Rescue Team donation button…!



  1. Tony says:

    OK – I’ll bite on the M.Sc residential thing – as you are a BC expert do you have a back out plan if you revert to the one day on one day off deal.

    Sounds like you are taking some big steps forward – time to start unpacking those lights :-)


    • CN says:

      Tony: yes. in order of use: switch normal chair for armchair, or slip of earlier than the end of the day, or go home. I don’t imaging getting to the last one.

      Mark: not unless you are the dog mentioned at the bottom of the list

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