Baking Therapy

People ask if I’m still doing physio (no) and going to hospitals (occasionally) and for bloods on a regular basis (yes).  But the best therapy I’ve found so far is baking.  I kid you not.

This began one morning when I wasn’t feeling like the happiest bunny, and my friend suggested making a Christmas cake.  Within minutes this escalated into a competition between his cake – now revealed to be Delia’s recipe – and mine – a Nigella recipe.

You can see the progress on mine below.  As it turns out… men seem to like his cake, which is dense like… bread pudding; women seem to like mine, which is lighter and more cake like.  An analogy of the sexes?  Perhaps, but nevertheless it is true.  In almost scientific tests compromising of 4 men and 5 women, this was 100% true.

What’s that you say? There were more women?  Which meant mine got the most votes?  And therefore technically won?  Gosh, I hadn’t noticed!

This morning we are making bagels.  You boil them for 2 minutes before you bake them.  I love bagels so we shall see how they turn out.  If it works, well, they are sooo much cheaper this way that I may be a convert.

Baking.  Beats physio and therapy any day.



  1. Tony says:

    Another man vote for Delia – been using this recipe for the last 10 years

  2. Claudia says:

    Yummy!!! Both of them:-)

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