Clexane: Day 44

I have an INR check at 08.50 in the morning.  On Monday it was up to 1.9, so it is almost certainly going to be over 2 tomorrow.  This means I will finally be able to ditch the daily 100mg Clexane injections.  This is timely, since I’ve run out of good sites on my belly.  The bruises are clustered, and the places that are not purple or yellow are ones I know will hurt, so I’d rather go over/between some of the older bruises!  Most people are on Clexane for 5 days, while the correct warfarin dose is reached, and then discontinued.  I’m on day 44.

!!!! DAY 44 !!!!

I think that’s quite enough, don’t you?  Besides, I have a brand new box of syringes and it would be nice to send them back unopened.  And I’m away at the residential thing next week, and I don’t want to take them too.  Enough already.  An INR over 2 is demanded.

And when this happens, my one allowed drink of the day will be spent on champagne.  At breakfast time. :-)

the end of the sharps bin..?!

Today was a thankfully lazy day.  We made bagels, from scratch, and they were yum.  We went to see a friend at work, we went for a beer.  Now I am on the couch in my pyjamas.  It’s been a lovely day.



  1. Claudia says:

    Can I have the recipe for the bagels please? I Love them and it’s not easy to get them over here…

  2. Andy(L) says:

    Good luck with the test

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