MSc Residential, Day 1

Well, I’m still alive, so it must be ok..!

Everyone here has been brilliant.  The staff said there are now two timetables for when work is required: the official timetable, and my timetable.  My timetable is utterly flexible.

As some of you know, I’ve been preparing to put off the dissertation element of my MSc until next year, thus completing the work and graduating a year later than my cohorts.  However, it seems there might be a way around this.  If they will really sign off on my late essays being delivered by March, and let me do the full dissertation proposal – which will likely be the basis of chapter 1 – by, say, June instead of March. If this is so then, possibly, instead of knocking it out by September as I had planned, I could then move to the more relaxed timetable of submitting in January 2012, or possibly February 2012.  Basically, it could work: I might be able to relax the timetable yet stay on track overall.  Interesting.  We are talking about it more tomorrow.

In terms of how I am?  Well, I am sitting in an armchair in the bar, tired but holding my own.  There were times this afternoon I could have happily curled up in a chair and had a snooze.  But I’m not sure I was the only one, so is that post-stroke-tiredness or post-lunch-slump?  Who knows.  Seriously?  By the end of the day I could tell my walking had deteriorated to the point it was at two or three weeks ago, though I don’t think anyone else would have particularly noticed.  I knew I needed to rest my head when I was standing still but, again, I’ve become rather adept at being able to do this without its necessity being apparent to anyone not aware of what’s going on.

So its an interesting time.  In some ways, everything is completely normal again; in others, it’s just a little bit different.  My brain still seems to work on an intellectual level (though the others may debate this!!!).  All I have to do then, is get through the next 6 days too!  Oh, and open and read 50 or so academic papers, and an academic book or 12 at some point in the next few weeks!  Which is funny, because I haven’t opened one yet… not even of fiction.  No… actually, that’s a lie: Suzannah left me two chick lit books in Hospital Number 3 and I made it to page 27 of one, but it took me a week and then I gave up on it.

I know there was some debate – some of it behind my back (in the nicest way) – about whether it was a good idea for me to be here this week.  But it is absolutely the right place to be right at this time.  And, well, I’d forgotten how living is so easy in the mess.  No travel, no bed making, no having to look after me whatsoever, and the most amazing hot showers on the planet (bar none), and friends and cohorts also in residence.  If one is going to try to get one’s brain working again, I thoroughly recommend this as a very decent place to give it a go.


Anyway… the bar is opening, my friend Aaron has bought me a drink, while Karen taps away finishing the presentation I’ve started for our group work. Supper will be served in the mess hall in an hour.  I hear that crumble and custard is the ‘hot pudding’ option tonight, and the cheese board is already in situ, coming up to room temperature, which is nice to know, even if I am avoiding it like the plague!

As I said, this is a good place to work the brain bit out.

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[Edit, two hours later: Famous last words?!  My walking deteriorated by about 3 weeks from the moment I pressed send!  So it’s an extra early night tonight.  But still, I’m sure all will be restored by morning, and I think it’s worth it.]





  1. Andy(L) says:

    Now let me see. You go to the bar. Later, your walking deteriorates. I’m not so certain that this is a medical condition…

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