MSc Residential: Day 2

The old pattern has been to take a day and lose one in return.  I don’t have that luxury (unless I choose to take it) this week so it’s interesting to see what happens.

As per the previous edit, while yesterday appeared to have no repercussions during the day, at around 6.30 my walking deteriorated to about the point it was at 3 weeks ago.  Mostly no one else can tell but me, though my friend Karen did notice.  I think it’s a bit weird for others who notice now as everything else seems so normal.  I can imagine that, in times past, I’d feel more vulnerable about people noticing weakness but I guess times have changed.  It is what it is.

This morning I did consider staying in bed, particularly as its so cold, but motivators included both the thought of a poached egg and HP sauce sandwiched between two hot buttered slices of wholemeal toast, and views like this:


So up I got.

It was fine really.  I can tell I’m more tired today than yesterday.  It was planned today that I’d skip lunch in the mess to talk to someone about a revised timetable for completing my MSc.  I was secretly quite glad not to have to trek to the mess and back at lunchtime.  Plus I’ve come to look forward to a day each residential where lunch consists of an egg sandwich and a mug of tomato cup-a-soup. (No really, it’s a new tradition that is about to end!) And it helps that we plan to finish by about 4 each day this week: a tradition that really should have been established in the 7 previous residentials!

Anyway, the revised MSc plan is as follows, and comes with thanks to the university/academy for making it possible:

Tomorrow brings new challenges.  As well as the compounded potential from yesterday and today, there is social stuff in the evenings.  Tomorrow is the course farewell as we look towards the end of our last ever residential, followed by curry in the village.  Thursday is our traditional Cohort trip to a wonderful pub that does all things with their home-grown pigs, and sends the oldest ever* Range Rover to collect us and bring us back after.

*possible slight exaggeration :-)


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  1. Tony says:

    Souper dooper!

    Sorry – could not resist

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