MSc Residential: Day 3

Lovely not-the-last-supper in the pub instead of the mess, before the almost-last-supper at the Indian in the village tomorrow night, which will be the last night we’re all in the same place until, perhaps, graduation.  Everyone else has gone on to the bar but at 9pm I’ve come back to crash.  Thems the breaks I guess, and I’ve about decided I’m not showing until 10am in the morning.  I would feel guilty, except the lecturers been late every day so its definitely my turn.

It’s going ok.  My brain still works though I go quiet near the end of the day because I can.

The walking gets slower and more deliberate as the days go on, but not to the point that many notice, though I was asked how I was feeling today which suggests maybe those in the know can sometimes tell.  But the nice thing is that half the people on the CT bit of the week aren’t in my cohort and have no idea, and that’s kinda nice.

I was thinking today about when this blog will come to its natural end.  It could be now, or it could be in the New Year when I’m properly back in work. Or maybe on the same night as the actual afterstrokeparty, shortly to be scheduled for the end of January (you heard it here first). But I think the entries may become less frequent now, and I can definitely see the end in sight.


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