INR = 2.6

INR check this morning is 2.6, i.e. still well within the 2 -3 range required.  Everyone is far more chilled now.  I mentioned maybe going away for a while over the next couple of weeks and no one batted an eyelid.

Remember when I used to take a day and lose a day? Well now it seems i take a week and lose a couple of days.  Yesterday was a nothing today; today isn’t great. But I’m going out for lunch and will meet a friend later so pushing through it is maybe something else to do.

All talk and conversations this morning have been around going back to work.  It shouldn’t be that complicated, but I guess it always is.  I promised Dr D that I wouldn’t just launch back into work and would step it up, but corporate bollocks (sorry, excuse the language) which I imagine nearly everyone in the organisation thinks is corporate bollocks, may – just may – threaten to get in the way of a perfectly sensible and grown up plan.  We shall see.  My aim is 3 half days in w/b 4 Jan, which may turn into full days, 3 days the following week, and assuming all is well, 4 days the next week and back to 5 days the week after that.  Let’s see if we can keep it that simple…..!  Odds anyone?

Now, non-females must stop reading this post right now. Especially if you actually know me.  I mean it. Right now. You’d thank me if you knew why.  I’ve put plenty of graphics in so you don’t need to see; don’t scroll down today. Just trust you don’t want to know the next bit.  Thank you.


Right, now the boys are gone, I will keep this brief.  There’s something no one tells you when they put you on a heparin drip, inject clexane in your belly and give you warfarin to eat for a few months.  No one except one very sweet nurse who realised no one had brought it up and came with me on an ambulance trip specifically so she could point out the obvious.  These drugs make the consistency of your blood more like water than blood.  All your blood.  This can make for an interesting ride at certain times, especially if you have interesting days anyway.  It’s not my first choice to put this on a blog that I know that people I know are reading, but I appreciated this nurse going out of her way to make sure I was ready for the issue, so if I can do the same for someone else….  I’m just saying… This isn’t the time to wing anything in terms of supplies: be prepared, stock up, and go for the all cover-all-possible-events approach. In fact, wings are a actually good option.

The reason I’m mentioning this now?  Well, I’ve an appointment on Wednesday to see if we can temporarily eradicate the issue, if you see what I mean.  The hitch is that there potential problems with using of the most obvious halting tool – the pill – because they can cause clots, which is the opposite of what the warfarin is trying to do.  Anyway, Wednesday is an appointment to talk about options.  I might blog the outcome, with a codeword or something so you know what I’m on about, on the other hand, I might not!

And if you’re a bloke reading this… Mark, Steve, Tony … seriously… you just can’t help yourself can you?… I told you you’d regret it.



  1. Tony says:

    You are right – curiosity killed the cat, or in this case put if off his lunch!

  2. SteveG says:

    You were right. I didn’t need to know that.

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