Update at 04.23

Well I think I found the right answer for both me and my friend.  We shall see.

I’m so grateful to have this blog… it might seem like a messy ramble from someone with too dark a sense of humour to you… but to me, it’s a way to work out what I think and start the process of deciding what to do about it.

In this case – I HOPE – I’ve found a way to make the other person feel valued but get my GP to pronounce the way forward – and hopefully scribble it down.  It’s such a simple and sensible answer (in my little, humble opinion) that I don’t know why one of us didn’t think of it before!

Hopefully… problem solved.  At least I hope I can sleep now, cos it’s nearly up time!

:-) :-)  :-) :-)  :-) :-)



  1. Tony says:

    Perfect answer – “my doctor told me…” is pretty hard to argue against

  2. SteveG says:

    Even better, “My doctor told me that you should….”

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