Tales from the departure lounge

Yep. I know I didn’t blog yesterday. It was an unusually busy day racing between things as I delivered Christmas presents, worked on starting to put the bigger building blocks in place for going back to work on Jan and packing for today (all on 3 hours sleep: I’m loving the normality!) For I’m typing this on my iPhone from the departure lounge at Heathrow. I’m staying in the UK: it’s just easier to get to Northern Ireland by plane than sea.

Now I just have to fix all my sentences and words before I hit “publish”. Does anyone else find ALL their typing on a phone results in truncated sentences and words shortened (e.g. you’re to ur), or is it just me?

Rmds me of tht old tube ad tht sd if u cn rd ths u cn gt gd jb. Cnt rmmbr wt jb was bt mst hv bn gfd4 me 2 rmmber it.



  1. Jayne says:

    Have a great trip :-)

  2. Claudia says:

    Have a Guiness for me!

  3. Mary in SA says:

    yay! i got the job (but not very quickly….)

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