Why did I promise pictures?!

I think I was trying to illustrate how each week was almost a separate era in terms of recovery.  Apparently it’s often this fast with a vertebral dissection.  In medi-speak “Those who survive the initial crisis do remarkably well, with long-term sequelae rare.

Anyway, I’ve had enough of trying to prove I’m ok to those who aren’t here.  Not least because I don’t want to back myself into a corner.

Now I’m waffling. So are are pictures.  I still maintain the ghostly appearance in Week 3 (and a little in Week 4, though I was standing further away) was enhanced by the macbook webcam, but whatever, the last one here is about Week 6.  We’re at Week 9.5 now!


One comment

  1. Tony says:

    So an alternate view

    1) nothing unusual here
    2) One too many
    3) Two or more too many
    4) Quite normal for most people
    5) Normal (i.e. a bit mad) for you

    It’s a great demonstration of progress!

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