In the beginning…

(at 10.40)

While I wait for breakfast to be cooked (I am sooo spoiled)… I found this at the bottom of an email chain with a friend.  It seems such an age ago:

On 17 October 2010 07:36, you wrote:

Hi All

Apparently you all know what’s going on.  Who knew tearing an artery could be such a problem???!

Anyway, access to email sporadic, and I keep telling the same stories several times by phone.  Plus some of you are overseas so that’s tricky.  To make it easier I put stuff on a blog:

You are welcome to share the link with my FRIENDS but I’d be really grateful if nothing went on facebook at all.  I may change my mind about that later but there are still people who dont know (e.g. P is on her honeymoon and I will not have that spoiled, so i havent told that gang yet.  They will get over it when they realise why i’ve done this!!!).

Anyway, I’ll try to keep the blog up to date for a few weeks.  You’ll be bored by the end.  For me it saves time repeating myself, but its also something to do in the early hours! But depends on working out how to top up this dongle!!!!


It’s still not on facebook.  Maybe when I’m back at work or something.



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