The buzz…

(At 17.30)

It’s my last night in Northern Ireland.  I know there are lots of cancelled flights tomorrow but my airline has listed its cancelled flights and mine isn’t on it, so looks like it’s good to go.  Which means I need to scootle on my fur-lined boots and tootle on down to the pub for one last evening of Irish hospitality.  Since I have to spend my one daily drink wisely, it’ll be a toss up between warm cider with a shot of Goldschlager or a half of Guinness.  The cider will win unless they don’t have the Goldschlager*.

Anyway.  As you know, I’m constantly surprised by the traffic running through this blog.  I knew when I started that there weren’t many resources out there about vertebral dissections, but still… Anyway, I looked at the links that brought people here today and spotted this referrer: “” which, on investigation, has come up a lot.  Apparently because I blogged about The Beauty of Diagrams, the BBC buzz website is referring.  An honour indeed.

*Warm cider and Goldschlager: we discovered this at Muriels, but I don’t know if the local does it… but I’m buying Goldschlager when I get home to recreate the magic!

[Edit: I’m getting text messages from someone saying my flight is cancelled.  We shall see…]

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